Channel integration & Studio Installation

We go through a step by step action plan right from the commencement. The work begins from an in depth analysis of the relevant market that leads to map out an effective, product-oriented business plan, well beyond a mere understanding of consumer-centric content development. Then, we chalk out a specialized workflow-design and subsequently, a detailed, operational blueprint for a hassle-free operation.

What follow next is the designs for the studios, broadcast centres and systems integration. At this point our main focus becomes development of thorough professional workspaces.

Then only we work on strengthening the channel to create customized production plans, show formats, creative packaging, and other essentials.
Pen ultimately, we go for sourcing and recruiting talent and expertise, planning resources and ultimately constituting a winning team.

And finally, after a thorough analysis, we craft the forte of the channel including branding identity, unique visual graphics, and after all look and the feel – starting with a clutter-free branding identity and unique visual graphics.


Project Management & Planning

We arerecognised for our innovative and applied approach to improving business performance and supporting informed decision making. Identifying ideas for best practice operation, our consultants work with public and private clients to optimise their investment in physical, economic and social infrastructure projects worldwide.

From inception to completion, we plan, execute, and control projects backed by proactive planning and first-hand knowledge of contract terms, client objectives, responsibilities, and capabilities. Project budgets are continuously monitored to secure budget and contract compliance. Adept technical and human resources are pooled to forge effective project organization structures.

Focus is maintained on diligent communication lines with clients to sustain long-lasting business relationships. Meanwhile, in accordance with the best engineering ethics, plans are set, goals are defined, and methods are devised to accomplish projects' requirements within set budget and time schedule.


Consultancy for Radio

We offer consultancy of experienced professionals in setting up of FM and Community Radio both. For the purpose, we go for preparation on the Pre Bid Estimation and then move onwards. Initially mapping the opportunity and likely competitive aspects are required before planning the concept and character of the Radio Station project.

We prepare a suitable business plan for next three to five years as required. We always be there in technical and documentation assistance at the onset and till the project becomes operational.


Media Crew Training

These are not the machines but the human who convert a dream project into reality. Thus beyond exceptions nobody can succeed unless these human beings excel properly. We prepare them ready to face any challenge in any adverse situation. They should not only be equipped with operational skills but full of motivation that just doubles the output. And - that is what we do strategically.

We have designed a comprehensive training programme for every level of professionals and other staff too. Our training package is especially designed for the editorial staff (Correspondents, Cameramen, Producers, Panel producers, VT Editors and Graphics artists.) onscreen and on air performers (Anchors, Radio Announcers) and technical staff (On equipments, and in coordination with editorial staff).

Apart from our in-house team of experts, we have experienced trainers on our panel who have handled different projects across all media platforms.