About Us

AV Edit Solutions has been helping TV channels, Media Production Houses, Web TV production studios, YouTube Channel studios, College and University Media studios, FM Radio Stations, Communitiy Radio Stations etc. by providing hardware and consultancy for end-to-end system integration, project roadmaps, site support, maintenance, and personnel training for more than two decades.

Every Turnkey project that we handle goes through five distinct stages where we systematically understand the client’s needs; design system architecture based on the client’s operational context; provide equipment and resources; implement, test, then move to commissioning the project deliverables to the complete satisfaction of the client.

We are uniquely placed to build robust systems and seamless workflows. Our solutions are informed by a product agnostic approach, and extensive local networks so that you get the best possible resources for your specific context.

Our process

  1. Detailed Requirement Capture
  2. System Architecture & Design
  3. Provide Equipements and Resources
  4. Implement, Test and Go Live
  5. Continuous Training & Maintainance

Our team

Hare Ram Singh - AV Edit Solutions

Hare Ram

Chief Executive Officer

Hare Ram has been associated with broadcast and media industry for more than two decades. He is one of the most trusted name in the industry and has been instrumental in setup of mumerous news channels in India.

VK Singh

Broadcast Consultant

Vk Singh is an estimeed name in Broadcast and Media consulting. He has been assicated with esteemed names in news channels like NDTV Worldwide and India TV. Under his guidance and supervision many national and inernation Satelite TV channels were able to go live on time and run their operations flawlessly.

VK Singh - AV Edit Solutions
Vijay Kumar - AV Edit Solutions

Vijay Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Vijay Kumar has been invloved in software and media industry for around 25 years. He has done projects for global clients like IBM, AT&T, Metlife and GSK to name a few. His is an expert in cloud based media technologies. He has led the development many innovative software and solutions in healthcare and networked digital signage industry.

Ranjana Singh

Vice President - Pro Audio and MI Segment

Ranjana Singh has been managing our professional audio and musical instrument business for last 3 years. She has been instrumental in expanding our business across india and abroad.

VK Singh - AV Edit Solutions